AI in the Workshop

The Workshop Innovation Support Platform, or WISP, is a speech-based workshop and laboratory assistant being developed by Maya Culpa. The aim is to create a useful capabilities to make innovation and experimentation processes more efficient and easier to share. The hardware platform for WISP includes a Raspberry Pi 3, a webcam, a picam and a microphone. Through voice-command, the system has these capabilities:

  • Create, load and delete projects (media repositories)
  • ability to take pictures with either camera
  • record and transcribe voice notes
  • capture the current screen
  • Search, retrieve and vocalize information from Wikipedia
  • Interface with HAPI installations (for access to a wide array of sensors and controls)

Upcoming features

  • Integrate projects with GitHub
  • Trusted-Timestamping of project data and artifacts
  • Ability to capture video from either camera

The project is open source with source code hosted at github.